Tenerife Wedding Photographer

Tenerife Wedding Photography

¡Hola! Let me guess - you've been looking for a wedding photographer in Tenerife and now you're here? Seems like a perfect match, since I'm a passionate wedding photographer who loves to explore new places and saving the most beautiful memories in authentic, vivid, original photographs. But pictures say more than a thousand words - so take a moment and look through my wedding photography portfolio:

best of destination wedding photography by Michał Grajkowski

I have shot a few weddings around Europe and these adventures became some of the most exciting ones of my life. I'm passionate about destination weddings and who knows - maybe my next stop will be Tenerife.

Destination Wedding Tenerife

I'd really like to hear more about you and your wedding plans. Let's see if I'm a fit to photograph your wedding. Please use the contact form on my website and tell me more about you and your wedding in Tenerife! I'll get back to you as soon as possible.